These five women entrepreneurs left their well-paying corporate jobs to follow their dreams and become entrepreneurs.

Starting up is not easy. It takes a lot of guts besides hard work, determination, and going that extra mile.

 There are scores of women who have quit cushy, well-paying corporate jobs, because of the itch to do something different and prove themselves in the world of entrepreneurship. It could be about bringing an innovation to the world, a service for the greater social good, or simply the coming together of creative minds to fill a need.

While it’s generally believed that women are averse to taking risks, what’s heartening is that a lot of them are willing to let go of a nine-to-five routine, a five-day week, a salary at the end of the month, and corporate perks to follow their dreams. Many of them have invested their life’s savings into their ideas, foregoing salaries for some time before their businesses broke even.

The important takeaway here is that they believed in their dreams, and nothing else mattered – the naysayers or even the niggling doubts in their minds.

Monika Chaudhary – Bownbee After 15 years of corporate life in MNCs like GE and IBM, Monika Chaudhary wanted to explore new options in life. She loved dressing up her daughter in traditional Indian wear and found a gap when it came to traditional wear for children, despite Indian culture and heritage being rich when it comes to textiles, skilled karigars or intricate designs. 

In 2015, Monika laid the foundation of her entrepreneurial venture BownBee from a makeshift office at her home and a seed capital of Rs 3 lakh.

Initially, she procured some custom-made ethnic wear from manufacturers in Jaipur. She soon began receiving orders. The business soon grew, and within a year, BownBee clocked Rs 40 lakh in revenue.